Investment Philosophy

The healthcare industry is a large, complex, and rapidly-changing sector with large dispersions that makes it well-suited to long/short investing. Healthcare spending makes up 18% of U.S. GDP and 14% of the S&P 500 market capitalization. The healthcare industry’s secular growth drivers, combined with its inherent complexity, create a vast amount of investment opportunities for specialists with the right knowledge and experience.

Innovation Cycle

The global healthcare industry is poised to continue its strong growth due to demographic trends and scientific advances. The drug development industry presently finds itself in the midst of a productive and exciting innovation cycle, with many new technologies demonstrating remarkable results in treating debilitating diseases.

Our Advantage

Healthcare investing has a high barrier to entry, requiring expertise across a number of fields including medical, scientific, regulatory, and patents. Only a deep understanding of the interplay of these and other variables can provide an edge in the ability to identify investment opportunities.